The Plant

I had never heard of a "vertical farm" before reading this article, but the idea is amazing. Inside what was once a meat-packing plant in Chicago, exists a tilapia fish farm, beer and Kombucha tea breweries, a mushroom garden as well as a host of independent bakers and caterer. The farm is meant to be "net-zero waste"...the grains left over from the beer brewing go to feed the tilapia, the waste from the tilapia is used to feed the mushroom garden or for fertilizing the hydroponic plants, the plants clean the water for the fish...the knee bones connected to the thigh bone...Eventually the building hopes to go off the gird entirely and open up to more tenants by 2016. The goal is to emulate nature where there is no waste and EVERYTHING is reused...I think this is incredibly interesting and admirable and am glad to have learned about something new today. Check out more about The Plant in great detail here.

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