Lovely Ikea Hack

Odds are you own at least one piece of furniture from IKEA...or if you are like me you own several because it's cheap and you have no money...I've tried to spiff the items up with new hardware or fresh paint because the items are usually so plain you've got to try and make them your own in some way. There is a whole mess of people who have documented their IKEA"hacks" and some of them are so easy and simple and yet completely transform the furniture - this is one of my favorites, although it might be mostly because of the color of the paint they chose to use. I have this same piece that I painted a sage green and after seeing this post, I realize I really need to step up my game when it comes to this kind of customization! It's not that they did SO MUCH to change the table, it's that they did it so WELL. Check it out step by step at the Sweet Beast blog.


Nomadic D. said...

So nice! Sometimes I worry that our apartment is turning into an ikea showroom, I have to make an effort to personalize more of those pieces.


sheena // CT said...

Love this! By the way, hello! New reader here. =)