Anthro Inspiration

I was in a frenzy this week to buy a dress for an afternoon wedding in Carmel this weekend and since my time was EXTREMELY limited I ran into Anthropologie knowing taht while I might not find a funky EDGY dress like I had in mind, I would DEFINITELY find something beautiful and breezy and fun. Turns out I found ALOT...I bought these two dresses with the idea that one is going to have to go back (sigh)...both look amazing with my worn in suede ankle boots and a messy ponytail. I bought the fun little headband to add a certain sense of fun and sparkle and along the way stumbled into the most perfect lacy tank top in lounge section (only the t-shirt shows online for some reason). It's honestly one of the most perfect tops I have bought in a long time and I wish it came in other colors, I would have snapped them all up. There was also this amazing smelling candle burning in the store - light and clean with a hint of summer vacation - dreamy. Given that I had worn my other go to dress to the engagement party already - I was very grateful to have walked into this store! Plus the decorations they have right now were incredibly inspiring and I want to throw a party just to be able to make them!


Brittnie said...

I absolutely LOVE Anthropologie. I go in there sometimes just because it makes me feel good. :) The black lace dress is so beautiful. It is very casual yet elegant. Great choices!

mmelledge said...

You can always depend on Anthro.