Reduce Reuse Recycle

Underneath my desk at home, I have stashed overflowing boxes of tools and papers and pens and pencils and every kind of stamp and pen and ribbons and sticker. Once the baby and husband go to bed, I get to sneak back out into the living room and make a mess and craft away. I have TONS of wrapping paper and tissue and bows from gifts I have received (or swiped from other peoples gifts...) and I love thinking of new ways to make these scraps into pretty presents. This gift for a bridal shower is wrapped in recycled everything (yes. wrinkled tissue paper IS a style) and combines two of my favorite things - handwritten letters and hot pink tape. And even the scraps that I cut out are leftover for ANOTHER fun project. A couple glasses of wine, some good old arts and crafts and a couple of recorded Project Runway All Stars episodes and it's a goooooooood night!

Excuse the crappy ass phone pictures. 

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