Top Bun Know it All

Tulip Louise Tutorial from jade Howard on Vimeo.
I am a little obsessed with hairdo tutorial videos. Those and cat eye how to's...neither of which I can seem to master perfectly so it's a great thing that I am a lover of the whole undone look. Saw this tutorial over at apartment 34 and thought while it seems like pretty "duh" material, it helps to watch someone else do it. The fact that she is pretty sweet and made me laugh doesn't hurt either. I think it depends on your hair amount/type on whether it STAYS up there in that bun. I can get mine to be all cute and tall but after 20 min, it gets tired and starts making it's way down the back of my head...or leans over to one side like it's trying to escape.


shear indulgence said...

so cute, she is such a doll! I think having a little grit in your hair will help too. try dry shampoo or maybe doing it after a day or two of not washing your hair! :)

Chelsea P. said...

I am living in japan, and the japanese women LOVE this hair style, and they are masters at it! i try, and fail everytime. but i also love the messy look too, so it all works out in the end, and everyone says it looks good. hehe

Anonymous said...

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