This line completely fascinates me...the fierce chunky bold style that still conveys a sweet feminine side has me drooling over these pieces. I'd love to own one of those insane statement necklaces from Dannijo with the chunks of turquoise and metal. And the Neha bag - the lavender one has me just staring at the computer screen with little hearts coming out of my's so so beautiful. And if you can keep a secret - I am going to buy the little Zoe rose gold ring as a little Happy New Year to me's rare to come across a simple band that is good quality, beautiful AND affordable. new accountant (husband) is listening.


Anonymous said...

i also love this necklace!!

xx Nina

Lisa Griffin said...

They really do make amazing pieces! the new bags are lovely, but i am completely smitten with the jewels, especially the gigantic collar necklaces yummm!
in dramatic fashion

lilla said...

I'm a huge fan of Dannijo too :)