Bathroom Beauty

Anthropologie always has the most beautiful homegoods...right now I am lusting after their bath towels. We have nice solid colored towels from Pottery Barn that we got for our wedding but we must be rough on them because they are all starting to slowly fall apart and die. I would love to be able to ditch them all and buy all these beauties but because they are a little pricey I might have to sneak them in one at a time - especially those ikat ones - PERFECT for a beachy bathroom that needs an injection of style and fun. The mix of the ikat towels and the flowered pretties actually really appeals to me too. I used to think I wanted all the same color towels but these days that feels boring to me and I favor this eclectic mix of colors and patterns. Since I don't usually buy towels, I am a little out of the loop - what is the average price for good towels? Is it worth spending your money on?


Nomadic D. said...

Have you seen these?


I don't normally go for terry cloth towels, but something with such gorgeous colors really is hard to resist!


Anonymous said...

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