Trailer Time

Saw a movie by myself for the first time on Sunday night - have you ever done that? I thought it would make me feel self-conscience, but it actually was really really relaxing and a great way to escape and have a moment to myself. Plus my husband would never go see a movie like Martha Marcy May Marlene with me...it's a pretty slow but intriguing and dark movie of a girl who escapes a cult. You see the experience through flashbacks and as the movie goes on the more you get drawn into her experience and it ends up pretty chilling. Elizabeth Olsen is amazing in it as you can lose yourself entirely in her character - I just feel bad that because she is the younger sister of such famous girls that you can't help but be thinking about that from time to time.

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Ballad of Seasons said...

:) I do that often too, watching a movie by myself, cuz my boyfriend doesn't like slow movies, and I love them.. I mean slow, real slow like Kieslowski movies:) I really do enjoy watching alone, so it's ok:)

but this trailer seems really interesting and no slow pace at all! I will have a look!