Designer Toms

I have a pair of striped Toms with the rope soles that I am completely in love with - but it took me a long time to actually buy them because the shoes can be a little...odd looking. And now there are DESIGNER Toms available in an exclusive collection (this is just a sample of the shoes) at Neimans...that ikat number and the graffiti flat are really pretty cool (and you have to admit, the shoes are COMFY) but not sure they can get me to fork over that much money for them. I love the velvet flat but not sure how I feel about the silly skull graphic. Would you buy designer Toms?

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Nomadic D. said...

I have a pair that I wore all summer and loved. As for designer collection, did you see when they did a collaboration with The Row? All wool and cashmere and subdued greys... it was beautiful. And truly tempting. These ones less so for me personally, but I still think about the other ones.