Missoni Too Much for Target

Are you surprised? I am not...there was more buzz about this collaboration with Target than all the others combined. Missoni is such a coveted brand with such iconic patterns that people were lined up at Target - TARGET! - first thing in the morning and cleared out the shelves within hours. My neighbor was one of those people and said the line itself wasn't that bad but the people who went in first were grabbing things by the armful, literally just yanking it all off the shelves. She managed to get some pillows and throws online a little later (the items I was interested in but entirely way too late for by 8:45...) and I am excited to see what they actually look like in person when they arrive on her doorstep.

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nicole said...

I went at lunch yesterday, and the shelves were already picked over. I managed to score a pair of the black faux-suede pumps in my size. Now I'm wishing I'd opted for the tights and rain boots, too, because - as fate would have it - rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week. xo.