Legging Jeans You Will Want To Buy

OBSESSED with my new jeans from the Gap. They are the new 1969 legging jeans in the light cheetah print - something slightly reminiscent of what my 11 year old self would have also loved but a lovely grown-up verision. On paper they sound terrible but they go with everything and add just the right touch of unexpected or unique to an outfit. And they are COMFORTABLE. Just remember to buy them tight because Gap is notorious for jeans that end up stretching waaaaay too much and not fitting. I have two pairs that I went and got hemmed and everything and by mid-day they appear to sag down to my knees and make my ass look awfully sad and dumpy. So mad I didn't get the tip to buy tight. Good thing Gap is also known for putting everything on sale eventually - those two pairs cost me 35 bucks.


ChiffonLaceLeather said...

You are right, I do want these.

Leslie Christen | LifeStyling said...

great subtle animal print, so versatile.