Catbird Jewels

OBSESSED with jewelry selection at Catbird, they always have striking and unusual pieces that I covet. The black rhinestone studs and tiny rose gold heart ring are my favorites but I am especially drooling over the long feather earrings by Claire Kinder Studio. While the feather in the hair trend may have run it's course (mine lasted a day and a half when I realized that every girl under 12 in Newport Beach was rocking the same style) these are funky and elegant and just plain awesome. Wear one or both...I love the way they would flow with your hair and tickle your shoulders.


Grace said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I want a pair of those feathers! + all of the jewels... :D

xx Grace

Nomadic D. said...

Those feather earrings are stunning. I'm with you on the feather hair extensions, I thought I wanted them and then I realized, nah. But those earrings... those are special!