Festival Dressing

I love to see what people wear to music festivals...everyone's outfits depend on the weather, the venue, the music, the season and its fun to see how each festival has its own vibe. The recent Coachella Festival always seems to be all about little flowered sundresses, tiny leather bags, jean cutoffs, hot sunglasses and generally a whole bohemian Sienna Miller circa three years ago vibe whereas the Glastonbury Festival has a little more Kate Moss kind of edge to it. Partly because you are knee deep in mud the entire time (hence the wellies as standard issue)...you the same jean shorts but waaay more black and leather and concert tees, more rock and roll and a lot less flowers. While I would kill to go to either for the music, I can't decide which fashion sensibility suits me more.  

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wanderlustings said...

love the looks at the glastonbury festival - i couldn't agree with you more! i love the edge so much more :D can't wait for lollapalooza! ps: i just found your blog and it's wonderful - keep up the good work!