Lorene Scafaria

So...I watch movies on my laptop late at night while my newbie baby has bad gas and can't sleep...and in the middle of the night no one can make fun of you for watching back to back horrible jennifer aniston movies or flicks starring j lo...the other night i watched The Romantics and was pained by how incredibly awful it was but i fell i love with the singer Lorene Scafaria, who has two songs on the soundtrack. The movie stars Adam Brody who I hadn't seen i a long time...then randomly the next day I saw a photo of him and his girlfriend on some gossip blog and was a little obsessed with the cute shoes she was wearing (i have a point...) then i remember i wanted to download Lorene's music so I googled her and it turns out she was the girlfriend in the photo with the shoes. Maybe it's just me and the lack of sleep but i thought that was a weird little bunch of connections. anyway, i love her old school twangy voice on songs like We Can't Be Friends...take a listen yourself...im going to go take a nap...

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