Kelly Wearstler

Completely obsessed with designer Kelly Wearstler...her style is a little...much for me at times but it's the essence of her work that I am in love with. That and her personal style. The same funk and whimsy and sense of fun that she puts into her artwork and interior design she applies to her personal wardrobe...she dresses like I like to pretend I do...pairing beautiful tops and jackets with skinny jeans (always the skinny pants!) and hightop sneakers, mixing high class with downtown funk and looking polished and glowing and comfortable in all of it. She inspires me to take more risks with my clothes and to have FUN with getting dressed in the morning. Check out her blog "My Vibe, My Life" here.

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Natalie Marie said...

She is a looker! A little much for me too, but hey what ever floats your boat! I am so excited I found your blog today! I look forward to going back and reading older post so I can get to know you better ( i just ran my eye over it and noticed you like watching horrible movies too...we watched Ramen Girl, it took us three nights to watch it it was so bad. I would be delighted if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think. I am also having a giveaway that you might like.

Thank you