Disco Ball

These boots are awesome in a disco ball, wacky, elton john, rock and roll, dark dive bar sort of way. While I might not wear them to work on a regular basis, they would be fun to add to my collection. The more worn in they become the better they will get. Not what I have come to expect from Rachel Comey but I like it...I am a sucker for a gold shoe.

While we are at it, lets throw in a Giuseppe Zanotti silver glitter boot as well...I feel more rock and roll just looking at them but i think they need to be dirtied up like you have worn them on a 832 city tour and stopped in every low budge seedy bar, spilled cheap beer all over them, ground out cigarettes with the soles and ran from the cops through back alley ways. Then they would be perfect.


Grace said...

ohmygosh, ohmygosh. SHINY!

Nomadic D. said...

Oddly enough the silver ones kind of creep me out, like they're trying to take themselves too seriously or something. but those gold ones! Those are amazing! I would totally rock those!