Reclaimed Wood Works of Art

Ron van der Ende, an artist from the Netherlands, dumpster dives for any wood source - cabinets, doors, windows, planks...nothing is painted or reworked - he used the colors that the wood comes in. "I start by taking the [wood] object apart and removing screws, nails, and hinges. After that I use a saw-bench to cut the wood into veneers around 3mm thick. Any rest of the material is used in the construction of the bas-relief shape. When it is done I apply the veneers with nails and glue to the bas-relief as a mosaic creating or enhancing the illusion of shadows, reflections, and perspective." I love the way he works the pieces of wood together to come up with something new and would love to have a piece for myself - seems like you could stare at it for ever trying to see how it pieced it all together.

Found at Fast Company.

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