Best Girlfriends are Gold.

This weekend two of my bestest girls reminded me how lucky i am to have them in my girlfriend and her husband and tater tot of a son extended their spring break to be able to come and hang out with me and ashley while we countdown the last days until our baby is due. she was there to talk to, to walk with, to share a glass of wine with and just to BE THERE. something i didn't realize i needed that badly. and i just received the sweetest package in the mail from my other bestest who is one of my number one inspirations and creative icons...she made up a little package of garlands to hang in the hospital and in the new baby room when they are born - from the box to the homemade gift it couldn't be more creative and thoughtful...i don't know what i would do without the women in my life who never fail to remind me how special those friendships are, sometimes even in just the smallest of ways.

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