Surfer Girls

We have been spiffing up our little beach home lately for the arrival of a new person but it has also been making me take stock of our overall home. Books and artwork are my love and we are working on building our collections of both...but as with everything, decorating and aquiring takes time and money. Things we both seem to be short on most of the time! But I come across little things here and there that catch my eye that I just get on the these two little surfer girls on wood by Magic Markings on etsy. They are rough little paintings but they capture what I love about where we live - the beach vibe...washed up worn wood and soft colors, waves and surfboards. Everywhere surfboards for us. And always boys and surfboards, which is why I got the girls to add a little estrogen in there. I especially liked the girl on the left because of her cheeky little butt. Can't wait to see them in person when they show up.

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