Lace Two Different Ways

Blogger/model/photographer Hanneli in a lace dress by Lover (my favorite!). Obsessed with the combination of light lace with brown ankle boots and black socks. That outfit and the little smile on her face and the sunshine makes me want to swap places with her so bad!

She is the queen of the effortless and stylish...i envy her her cool unaffected air and her wardrobe. Especially this white lace on black number...everything from the puffed sleeves to the doily of a dress to the head to toe black underneath to the suedey looking ankle boots. sigh...perfection.


Anonymous said...

Love these lace looks!

kratosellas said...

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Hungry Marquise said...

I have been dyyyying to find a lovely vintage (inspired) white lace dress and this is only encouraging my hunt! (and turning me green for the lovely little number donned by Clemence.