Quentin Blake

One of my hands down favorite doodlers. Quentin Blake is an english illustrator who is probably best known for collaborating with Roald Dahl for the book such as Matilda and The Witches. The personality and emotion and most of all HUMOR he can convey in his brief scribbles had me just as entranced as Dahl's stories. I still feel the excitement the book gave me when i look at the cover of The Witches, he helped make the characters and the stories truly come to life. Miss Trunchbull! In 1999 he was appointed the first ever Children's Laureate to help raise the profile of children's literature (yes, please!) and is still creating today in his 70's. Here is a little brief article on him as well, love the description of him looking "as if he was drawn in a hurry" and that he collects (and uses) so many quills.

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