Isabel Marant

Completely obsessed with this designer...I love her interpretation of a rocking bohemian french woman (I am in the category of women who sigh and swoon over all things Parisian) and think she has nailed a vibe that is the perfect balance of refined class and in your face attitude. She just opened her first store in america - in NY of course - which has no doubt thrilled the women who worship her designs. she previously only sold overseas and didn't even ship the goods out this way - you wanted her stuff you had to go and get it. In this video she talks a bit about her style and i love how she is one of the few Parisian women who puts it out there that most french women dress as if they didn't care a lick about being fashionable but in fact are quite calculated about it. its that rakish we-didn't-even-try-confidence that i believe puts french women in a different category style wise.

kate moss in the latest 10/11 Fall Campaign - insane.

The item i covet most from her label are the "Forbes" boots. A slight version of a cowboy boot in suede with a tiny can see them in the top photo on the designer herself (love the look with socks) on the runway. Several varieties of Marant's boots have caused panic attacks among women trying to get their hands on them (mainly i am sure because Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth were rarely seen without a pair)...the slouchy chain laden tall "Soono" boots, the cuffed studded short black "Otway" boots. If she was not widely known before she began her love affair with the boot - she sure is now - for both her boots and her classic pieces. My favorite part about the boots is that the conical heel was inspired after a cartoon sheriff's cowboy boot with a triangular heel - but now i can't find the article that quotes her on that. still trying, i loved that it was something so irreverent that inspired such an explosive trend.

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