Closet Clean Up

Everyone has that item in their closet that they purchased on a whim because it was too cute to resist, you were having a bad day, the saleswomen told you you looked hot in it, it was the right shade of blue...that still has the tags on it and hasn't been worn outside of the house. ever. I have two, one H&M dress that i keep thinking is so pretty and then remember it squashes my boobs and is an unflattering length and a pair of jeans from american apparel that look SO GOOD in the drawer but not on my butt. Yet i forget that i felt that way every time i try these two items on and then have the same conversation with myself about them. "oh yeah, the boobs...oof, these are not cute from THAT angle..." You KNOW you do. Well imagine you had bazillions of dollars and then picture all the items you don't even look at in your closet and you can see why Christos Garkinos co-owner of Decadestwo,a high-end resale store in LA has a booming business. Pradas, Manolos, Valentinos, Balenciagas...all forgotten about and nary a mark on them. Interesting to read about the shopping habits of the incredibly rich. Makes you feel a LITTLE better about just splurging on that stupid pair of pants.

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