Bathtub Retreat

I am obsessed with baths - they are one of my favorite ways of escaping and decompressing and shutting out everything for a few minutes (or 30. or an hour...) and pampering yourself. And if i can do that in an old fiberglass tub that has seen better days in a musty bathroom I can only imagine what its like to take a bath thats in its OWN house. While the decor inside is not the direction i would go, the idea of a bathroom retreat where you can TRULY escape thrills me like crazy. Even the walk into the ivy covered building in your robe would be tranquil and beautiful. And while I am sure it supposed to be zen and still and meditative, i immediately picture my girlfriends and i in there with champagne and robes and face masks giggling about our husbands and soaking up each other's company. discovered at poppytalk.

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