Ahhhhhhh Summertime

ashley and i are not shy about our love of cool drinks in the summertime. mostly we stick to the good old glass of chilled white wine or beer but occasionally you need something a little more festive, a margarita, a spritzer, or a MICHELADA! We recently indulged in this typical mexican way to dress up a beer(although our shortened version) and if you have never mixed one up before i HIGHLY recommend it. and fast. We just salt the rim of a chilled pilsner glass, squeeze a lime in there (or two and throw the wedges right in) and a healthy splash of hot sauce and then pour the beer in and enjoy! so freaking refreshing on a hot day. Here is the article that reminded me of them and their proper recipe.

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Tessa said...

I almost froze my behind off today in SF... It was windy, foggy, and just plain cold. I may be on my way down there sooner than planned. I will expect a proper michelada on my arrival. LOVE YOU!