Marais USA In Person

I always end up coming back to the Marais USA site because i am intrigued by both the shoes and the story behind them. They are a very young company that we have been able to witness emerge and succeed online. Catherine Chen and Haley Boyd wanted to make simple pretty shoes that women could actually afford - what a novel idea... When they first came out there were just a few pairs offered and have since expanded to 12 different styles. While i am quite the shoe lover, i hate buying them through the internet...sizes and fit vary too much between pairs and vendors. A visit to the Candystore Collective (AMAZING store) allowed me to try on the pair that caught my eye the most - the Mulberry Maryjane in blue. A clean patent flat with a thick elastic band in a complementing color. They fit pretty true to size and were really flattering and fun. I never like buying the display pair if i don't have to...not into the toe prints and scuffs left by strangers bare feet... so i walked away empty-handed but am definitely ordering a pair online...i just can't decide between the sweet nude color or the blue. At 60 bucks a pop...if you really wanted to you could get BOTH. Just saying.

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