Bangles and Baubles

This post over at I'll Seen, I'll Said got me thinking again about my dresser and all that i ask of it at the moment. I don't have tons of jewelry but the stuff i do have i like to see and pick out in the morning like i'm shopping at Tiffany's. If its put away, i'll forget about it and i love my stuff too much to not wear it all. The necklace issue is the hardest in terms of storage for me, i have such a variety of pieces (from feathers to fancy) and different lengths. I love the different options i have seen in terms of a stand to hang them from (still searching for the perfect ceramic bust to drape them over) but the one that strikes me the most at the moment is a little driftwood sculpture. I saw a photo of a house in Foam Mag that greatly inspired me and ashley has agreed to kindly assemble it for me...we are just waiting to find the right piece of wood on the beach to complete it.

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