Alexa and Marc Jacobs

Dear Alexa, you always manage to impress me with your casual blend of preppy/girlie/retro vibes but this outfit made me stop and drink you in. i love the long silhouette, the breezy material and the sparkly look confident and comfortable and elegant without trying hard at all. Its as if you looked in the closet (or marc's closet) and said "huh, i think i feel like wearing something a bit peachy tonight...peachy and long" and threw it on. thank you for not trying to show off every inch of skin or pouring yourself into a tiny look absolutely lovely. although i am sure a different sort of girl would surely look matronly and lost in there. perhaps one whose legs weren't seven feet long. and if you ever feel like loaning that dress out...i'll pay for the postage. seriously. call me.

picture seen at Ringo, have a banana!

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