Dream House

Hanging out at my best friend Genny's house was ALWAYS fun when i was little - her house was large and had a never-ending supply of fun things to do since she had three siblings - they had a ginormous rec room of a basement where we spent HOURS with records, pianos, ping pong, atari, tetherball and of course the barbies. she never wanted to play and i was completely OBSESSED because i wasn't allowed to buy them and she had it ALL - the pool, the car, the house - EVERYTHING. Seeing this just brought back all those memories. That house looks so disco these days. Sigh...good times making friendship bracelets and listing to Uptown Girl on the record player...and fillng up the barbie tub with bubbles and wondering why there was only one shoe left in every pair of tiny plastic high heels.

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Cookie said...

oh that pic so takes me back, had that exact house. remember how the roof would fold down into a deck. makes me kind of miss my barbies :)