China Patterns

The tradition of picking out fancy china for your wedding registry has slowly evolved into most people just getting more functional and simpler dishes. I love my all white set of pottery barn dishes but have always loved the fancy china that you see in grandmothers homes and tea parties and expensive restaurants. When i was little we occasionally brought out fancy china for dessert that was decorated in the most beautiful renderings of different fruits, wish i still had those plates. I have always fantasized about having a fabulous dinner party with my closest friends and laying out a table set with tons of mismatched anique china with gold trim and bright colors. So while i don't often throw a dinner party (like, never) i figured i can still collect the china. I want to have all sizes of plates (figured its better to just focus on plates first) and my only two requirements are that they have gold accents, are in good condition and have beautiful artwork - be it ye old timey people or flowers or animals or fruit...the more whimsical the better. Here are some that i am debating buying on etsy. And even if i don't get to break them out all the time, they will look delicious on display sitting in stacks on our open shelving in the kitchen.

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