007 Style Typewriter

I have a great old typewriter at needs some professional love but it works and is so beautiful as both a piece of art and a working letter-typer (LOVE typing on it like a secretary from back in the day) and i like it so much i wanted to get an electric one as well. so i went hunting on ebay and had no idea the level of COOL that some of these old typewriters have...i started out looking for a basic IBM guy less for looks and more for i am looking at everything. i thought it was incredible to find out that they made pink typewriters and then i saw this old Royal Quiet DeLuxe GOLD one - are you kidding me? i have no hope of actually owning this machine but a girl can dream...i feel like you could pound out a boring old grocery list and it would automatically be 100 times more eloquent because it came from keys of gold.

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