Sing it Sister

I always have to preface American Idol stories with the statement "i hate american idol type shows" (the same white, barely attractive, boring as hell, cookie cutter singer almost always wins - mind you i said ALMOST) but this season i have been watching and become totally obsessed with Crystal Bowersox. I like the Andrew fellow for being different but he couldn't pull it off but this girl - WOW. I could listen all day...her singing gives me goosebumps and gives you hope that an unusual dreadlocked, tattooed single mom could possibly win such a show. Last night i only caught her performance and i loved that she couldn't barely finish because she looked at her family and starting tearing up. Although i guarantee if she wins, the first thing they do is fix her poor teeth. Hopefully she always remains this soulful and sweet and gritty and unusual artist and doesn't give into the machine that is pop music in this country.

I just had a LOT of tea so i think i was way more emphatic than i meant to be in this post...

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