Pinatas are one of my absolute favorite party accessories...i went through a phase i carted them everywhere we seemed to be invited. they are a little hokey, always crazily designed and you can't help but enjoy yourself while bashing a cardboard box open and diving for candy and goodies. so i was super excited when i had run across the incredible party favors (GOLD pinatas!) Urban had starting selling - WHY had it taken so long for someone to up the anty on the pinata and embellish them with something OTHER than pictures of Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers. This glimpse into the studio of Confetti System was a delicious find - i love even how they TALK about the tissue paper: "When making streamers and garlands, the duo begins with standard 20x30-inch sheets of tissue paper, "working with how it flows, how the tissue sways, and the way it moves," explains Ho. "Sometimes you make it longer, so it's shaggy and it sounds really nice." "It sounds like the woods," adds Andersen." How can you not have a soft spot for them? See the whole article and poke through their studio here.

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