Lacey Goodness

Obsessed with this outfit Kate Hudson wore to Coachella. I love the casual coolness of the whole thing. Looks extremely comfortable with the slouchy tank, girly with the sweetest ruffled little skirt and topped off perfectly with the funky ankle boots that seem to be taken over spring season. They look like old isabel marant boots that are extremely coveted all of a sudden. Anything that involves ankle boots sign me up - no idea why but they are my favorite of all shoes and its becoming a joke because my closet contains little else.

On a side note, i totally had her friends boots in 1994. that was the age when everyone dressed a little baggy and a little like a boy and a girl in the year above me who i thought was the fashion be all end all had those and so i HAD to own those. I searched high and low for those timberland boots - ah, the days you can look back on and laugh. sort of.

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Tessa said...

what are those boots??