BedHead Outdoors

Dear Brigitte, not going to ponder why you are feeding a deer in your skivvies out by what looks to be a turtle pond but i AM going to stare at the insanity that is your hair. THIS is the hair i yearn for...the thick sun bleached long locks with messy bangs (oh damn you colick!) and that funny boufaunty thing that you women in the 60s seem to have perfected. I saw An Education the other night (lovely movie) and noted that the main character shared your love of this little back of the head pouf. I am sure there is backcombing and styling that is beyond my ability involved but this photo makes me want to lock myself up in the bathroom and practice till the feeling goes out of my hands. Your hair screams sex and romance and breezy summer days...if only your hair could give my hair some pointers, i would be so happy. carry on.

(forget where this image hails from sorry...)

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