Alexa Chung effect

Can you imagine what it must be like to wear something out for a night and then be able to tell that people scrambled to purchase online everything that you had on? I came across this summary of an article (link to article seems broken) about the AC effect...Alexa wears jean shorts one day and the next the sales of cutoffs on ebay "jump up 277 per cent on the auction site almost overnight". That's insane. I am very guilty of having tracked down items i have seen, but mostly on ordinary women who i see rather than celebrities (i am completely and utterly lying by the way). I own a purple overcoat from The Gap from like 10 years ago and i can remember vividly seeing a woman walk by wearing it and thinking "wow - what a pretty purple" and then seeing the hem flap up and flash the rich green lining and that's when i broke into a run and basically tackled the poor woman to ask where she had bought it and then i ran directly into the store. Its still one of my favorite possessions and i still thinks its an incredible coat every time i wear it. I know my friend Rae once stopped a privileged teenager and her mom in a store to know the maker of her glasses (with due diligence and a lot of hard work she finally found them as well)...have you ever been so obsessed with someones look that you had to ask and track it down? have you ever been asked where you got something and blatantly lied so they wouldn't go out and buy it themselves?

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