Now i love shoes as much as the next girl but at what point do you honestly just have WAY too many shoes...when you have 6,000 pairs (and thats only of ONE kind, so there has to be much more) do you even know where they all are and WHERE do you store them? I need a tour of Danielle Steele's closets right now.

Louboutin estimates about 3,000 women to have around 500 pairs of his shoes each. But "the super-top customer?" he says. "Danielle Steele, for sure. She has at least 6,000 pairs, if not more. She comes to Paris, and she literally buys everything. Then she flies back to New York, says, 'I'm a little disappointed — there's nothing in the store,' and walks out with 80 pairs. She is super."

Via Fashionista

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