New Shampoo?

My landlords are also my neighbors and they are both slightly nosy and slightly old (late 80s). The other day i was about to get up for work when i heard scurrying around the door that opens into the alley from our bedroom. Since you don't normally hear someone so close to the house there i immediately dove further under the covers (very brave)...then i could hear my landlord dropping something to the ground and you could hear them brushing sand off the stoop and moving the garbage cans around...we have a red bucket out there as well that we collect rainwater for the succulents in and i could hear them murmuring about it "hmmm...well there is water in it...well why do they need that...why is it just sitting here..." did i mention nosy? and then i almost fell out of bed laughing because she said to her husband "well maybe she uses it to wash her hair" and he replied "but there are things floating in there". Something so funny and strange about being privy to someone elses thoughts when they don't know you are there.

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