Kelly Cutrone

i not a watcher or The Hills or The City or any of The Cool Fake Reality Show Of The Moment but i HAVE heard about Kelly Cutrone and was interested in who she was. She is known as a tough broad, a bitch who knows what she wants and a force to be reckoned with who is also incredibly successful...so who the hell is she? i came across this article in The NY Observer and know more than i ever expected to. Talk about someone who has lived 957390 more lives than you have...wow. A few excerpts just to let you know what I am talking about...

"But though she lives with two schoolgirls and a male model, Ms. Cutrone has been dating music producer Jimmy Boyle, 40, who lives in Los Angeles, for several years, and she also remains close to her first husband, pop artist and Warhol affiliate Ronnie Cutrone, 60, to whom she was married briefly in her early 20s and who still crashes on her couch. (Ava’s father was an Italian she met in Paris and left three months into her pregnancy, shortly after leaving her second husband, an actor.) Another presence at le ch√Ęteau Cutrone is Paul Morrissey, Warhol’s filmmaker and the former manager of the Velvet Underground, whom she met though Mr. Cutrone years ago, has reconnected with, and now considers an “uncle.” (It has been reported he is making a film about Demian.)"

“She was an accident waiting to happen,” recalled Mr. Cutrone. The couple first met at a club called Carmelita, in a former whorehouse. “She was wild, ambitious, volatile, sexual. Sex and the City looks like a ridiculous joke compared to what Kelly was! Plfffffft!” Early in their courtship, Mr. Cutrone found a gram of coke in a jacket Ms. Cutrone had borrowed. He himself was clean at the time, he said. “I’m like, what the hell! Kelly tracked me down at my building and woke up two gay guys, looking for the coke or me, and then eventually she did find us, but there it was—sex and drugs in one pretty picture.” (“I was out that night,” admitted Ms. Cutrone.) They soon moved in together, and got married. She was 22."

"Later in her 20s, she sold Mr. Weinberg her half of the company and became a tarot card reader on Venice Beach. Right on the beach. By the Hare Krishnas. She stayed for a year and a half. Her mother was concerned, but she was happy. “I was just doing full-on meditation all the time,” she said. “A lot of people that get out of PR do very bizarre things.”

You get the picture right? Your life seems sane and painfully ordinary compared to the stories she has to tell. Check the whole story here.

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