Bedtime Stories

Nathalie Wolberg, architect. Saint-Ouen. She enjoys clearing her mind when she comes home, so each room serves a specific purpose. The hanging bed is for resting, blanking out and forgetting. Feeling as though she were levitating fulfills Nathalie’s need to connect with the cosmos.

Rolande Tapiau d’Aunoy lives in an apartment in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Every room is devoted to entertaining guests. The Louis XV bishop’s-crook bed looks like a sofa. James Ivory directed Leslie Caron in a scene from Le Divorce here. Rolande does not sleep in the same bed as her husband, saying that the cypress and the reed can flourish only if there is space between them.

Laure de Clermont, actress. Monetier, southern Alps. A courtesan commissioned Henri MouliƩ to make this bed of hydrangeas and Philippine vines.

More beds and the stories behind them found at Thierry Bouet photography site...

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