Anna Dello Russo

i am obsessed with Anna Dello Russo because she is just so so SO over the top immersed in fashion and exemplifies all the gilded sparkley sensational fantasies you have ever had about dressing up. she appears to live it, eat it, breath it 24 hours a day (she's known for changing into three or four incredible well thought out outfits a day during fashion week - how exhausting!) and you can't help but love her for it. while i don't want to get dressed while standing on a zebra skin and drape my dressing room in wall to wall gold and leopard i want SOMEONE to pull this off - its glorious! although i have to admit, my favorite part about this little blurb on her is that she writes in purpley sparkley pen that smells like grapes. she just exudes dedication, passion and silliness all at once and thats my favorite.

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