Affectionate Clutter

i am obsessed with this sort of sentimental clutter...my dresser top looks similar to this tabletop and i would love to have more vintage pieces of clutter like this - old little boxes and pieces...and i love the juxtaposition of sizes with the large bottomed vase and the little tiny purses and ashtray. my husband hates this kind of design and i absolutely love it - the black and white photos of family, little trinkets you have collected that make you smile to see them, beautiful ceramic trays...i should post my dresser top, everything means so much to me that i cant bear to put any of it all away and my husbands dresser (they are side by side) is completely blank. makes me laugh every morning. and love all my STUFF even more. my sister in law dakota has the same sense of eclectic style like this - even in their bathroom are beautiful little dishes and old necklaces and arrowheads - she inspires me so much in respect to this look.

from Le Fashion

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