Too Much Bad TV?

my husband and i had a conversation the other night because we watch a lot of crime tv shows (and love them) and wondered if it makes you blase about murder and gruesome violent imagery. tonight we were watching criminal minds and during a scene where a kidnapper shoves a woman into a barn where he was keeping other girls he had beat up the first thing that came to mind was "oooooh i really like her shirt, i wish i had some more feminine and patterned blouses like that in my wardrobe."

so awful. but it WAS a really cute shirt. just saying.

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Cookie said...

We love criminal minds; and I often find myself commenting about how beautiful their hair is or how perfect the make up is on those FBI agents. All the while watching brutal murders and sadistic plots play out. Maybe its that we just need a break from the gore that we notice the other things.
Just Saying :)