Since i dont like toes whatsoever you will never find me wearing little strappy heels, which is sad because they can be so sexy and beautiful. so maybe BECAUSE i don't wear little strappy heels i am a little in the dark of how they work exactly. cause it seems to me that i see alot of shoes where women's little toes are basically walking on the ground alongside NEXT to their shoe and not all tucked up on top of it. is this comfortable? does this happen to everyone? is it because of the shoe or because of the long toes? i especially notice it when you see that someone's pinkie toe has escaped the straps while the others are still hidden safely away and it's all on its own on the side of the shoe. this is both confusing and repulsive to me. am i the only person who gets all squirmy when they see that?

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pamela said...

i can't stop laughing!! it is so true, everything you wrote!