Project Runway's back baby! Last season was SUCH a depressing wreck of a show that i wondered if people everywhere would even bother to come back for season 7. BUT they actually found talent instead of awkward personalities this time and interesting people. I thought i would watch while i was running around the house getting things done but i spent the whole time sitting on the edge of an armchair holding a dishrag that had long forgotten about the errands i was in the middle of. I think Seth might be my favorite person - goth punk rock rocky horror picture show prom date guy - and big black and gay anthony makes me laugh so hard...

Guys in kitchen meeting each other and debating who gets the broken bed - "i'm 145, i'm 157, i'm about 170" Anthony turns on the kitchen faucet "and i'm thirsty!" (alright, it doesn't SOUND funny but he IS. Esp when it's his turn to talk about his dress. a sweet nervous self-deprecating and witty wreck of a person)

But i think Amy will have the most appealing clothes to me. she seems to have a strong sense of her personal design and its both tailored and off kilter and pretty.

we'll see. but at least this bunch is worth watching.

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