Lesson in Layering

This girl noted in an article on Refinery 29 has the art of layering down to perfection. I love it from head to toe...the tweedy jacket, the nubby soft sweater, broken in t, the leathery tights, the cooler than cool high tops and that worn in buttery leather bag...basically her outfit costs about 3 grand (holy s**t!) -but i think they made the most expense as possible breakdown of the parts, i notice lots of differences when you really look at the photo (which i have, for like 20 min by now), so i am sure there is a way to put that together without breaking the bank. This is how i like to dress, layered on top, skinny on the bottom, gray in tone with a buttery bag. Perfect for eating large dinners, being comfy, looking pulled together and remaining feminine and warm.

Between converse, H&M, JCrew, nordstroms and american apparel i bet you can put together a similar outfit. hmmm....

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