Love love love

Dear Proenza Schouler...i have to say i think you make the absolute perfect bag. a great bag. if you knew the inside joke about my dad and the "GREAT BAG" you would understand that is a huge compliment. there is something so luxurious and simple and classic all at the same time about your latest purse - which i have already ggone on and on about...and now you have this amazing wallet. and an online shop to boot. If i had 165 bucks to blow on something as small as a wallet i would. in a heartbeat. aside from the design of the bags/wallets - the rich, saturated colors they come in! nothing shy about fuchia and mustard and blackberry...but the day i spend that much money on a wallet, well...that day is probably NEVER. sigh. i guess that's the same day that i buy your purse...

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