Forever 21

I have a huge aversion to Forever 21...i am NOT against paying very little for clothing, i just think in this case you get what you pay for...cheap crappy clothing that was probably made under less than admirable circumstances. ahem. that being said, i went into one today looking for a random gift for a preteen girl and realized the place had tripled in size since i had been in it last year. apparently there are now like three categories of clothing - all ripping off different larger labels and the store had literally expanded into other parts of the building, it was frickin HUGE and swarming with teenagers i got a headache the minute i walked in. BUT not only did i grab a small gift perfect for a little girl who will forget about it in seven seconds, i picked up something for myself. i am obsessed with the old indian blanket look that is going around and the Heritage section of the store was filled with patterns that mimicked that look. I walked off with a blue poncho (well a large scarf that people will CALL a poncho, a pair of the perfect pajama pants (leggings?) with teeny weeny flowers on them, and a cardigan which i couldn't find online. All for like 40 bucks. maybe i will even go back in another year...but i doubt it, that place is NUTS.

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ms Givens said...

Ponchos make a nice extra layer over your coat as well.