damn it.

I wish that my husband could braid hair. Having worn a ponytail/bun thing of some sort every day for the last 3 months i can tell you, it gets OLD. Since i hate my shorty hair cut and don't like wearing it down, especially when its cold and the weather saps any fun curl that MIGHT save my hair from being completely frustrating, i keep trying to do little things to add some variety...for awhile i was twisting a front section back and pinning it into my bun (this hair advice courtesy of my 13 yr old neighbor) and now i desperately want to rock the braid like Alexa Chung flaunts in this photo...aside from asking my 13 year old friend to do my hair in the morning before she goes to school (have you tried to braid your hair yourself? maybe i need more practice, but it's HARD) all i have is Ashley...and i am going to go out on a limb and say his hair styling skills are nonexistent. if only sports center could teach guys things like this...then i would have NO problem!

PS. I have a jacket like the one in the photo and while a) it makes me feel like i am trying to BE alexa chung b) it is the MOST fun thing in the world to wear. period.

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