"I Love You Precious"

WOW. saw the movie precious over the weekend...if you have the stomach to tough out some violent scenes and graphic subjects then you MUST see this. such raw and jaw dropping performances by unexpected actors. Mo'Nique who plays Precious's lazy violent mother on welfare will blow your mind - she deserves multiple awards for this role. Gabourny Sidibe who plays Precious plays the role of an abused teen who has a rich fantasy world and just wants to live beyond her circumstances perfectly captures a character who you want to succeed without overdoing it, as a new actress she is amazing. and paula patton as the teacher (as well as the funny group of women in the class) is so sweet and beautiful and you hope there really are women out there like her. There were only a couple of moments during the film where my friend Rae and I were like "huh? well that was random" otherwise it was a stunning movie from beginning to end.

There is one scene that is even mostly implied that will leave you looking at each other going "did that seriously just happen, is that what i think she said" I still can't think about it without squeezing my eyes shut and shaking my head. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Plus as a bonus the girl serving popcorn looked EXACTLY like Juno from the movie from the hair to the face to the glasses to the sarcastic witty attitude. I think she made Rae's day.

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